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Customer Spotlight - Terrance Brown

Our Customer Spotlight this month comes from Melissa Moses, Senior Administrative Assistant for FAST.

Terrance Brown first came to the attention of the administrative staff at FAST because of his calm and pleasant demeanor.  Every time Terrance walks into the office, he utters just a few words, but his kind and gentle-hearted spirit can be felt.

Terrance has been riding with FAST since 2007.  He usually rides routes 14, 17, 5 and 4.  His most frequent destinations are Miller Mott College, where he is student majoring in Paralegal Studies, and the library on Maiden Lane. During the closure of that library after Hurricane Matthew, he took the bus to the library on Cliffdale Road.

Terrance can be seen visiting our Administrative Offices on Grove Street or the Transfer Center on Old Wilmington Road.  He is always quiet and pleasant. 

Just for fun, Terrance enjoys conducting research and playing video games.  However, he loves the original Spyro series.  (Spyro was introduced in 1998. Terrance would have been about nine years old at the time it was introduced.)  Spyro is a series about Spyro the dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

Terrance, also, enjoys reading fantasy.  His favorite authors are E.E. Knight and Trudy Cannavan.  Both are fantasy writers.  Knight's books include Dragon Champion, Baltic Gambit and Dragon Avenger.  Cannavan's books include the Millennium's Rule Trilogy - Thief's Magic, Angel of Storms and Successor's Promise (to be published in 2017).

Thank you Terrance for being a loyal customer!  FAST appreciates you!

Posted November 08, 2016

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